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KICK gegen Krebs

the football world record against cancer spiel

Leuchtfussball bei Trends der Zukunft

Honza Weber


LED football "NIGHT KICK" Master G5

The planet's 1. real playable magic football. Designed in original size no.5, regulation size, weight and feel, and the latest lighting technology. An old dream, probably of each football player, became reality with our unique model Night Kick Master - the magic football. Impressively illuminated, playing in the twilight or in the dark, indoor or outdoor, 24 hours a day,on all kind of surfaces,is possible now!If young or old, male or female, seeing this sensation means wanting it. Even non players will love this unique novelty, wether to collect it or to show it proudly to friends, or make out an unforgetable gift of it.Unlimited new possibilities for events,tournaments,promotion and marketing

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Leuchtfussball LED Star schwarz

The new


in black or white

Leuchtfussball Night Kick




Leuchtfussball Night Kick Junior


Night Kick Junior

for the youngest

A healthy lighting football year with lots of enthusiastices NIGHT KICKS....

The ultimate and sensational gift!

for all football players and fans and lovers and for all football kids!

special ready 2 play package:

Night Kick plus ballpump + spare batts.


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NIGHT KICK in the Formula 1 pit

on this video Lewis and Nico are not
only the superfast racers we all admire
but also supercool NIGHT KICK players

Here is the link for the video

Another sensational Video with the NIGHT KICK -

click the pic to see the video:

Pepsi und Leuchtfussball Night Kick